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Seesmic Web Update – Contacts, Conversation Thread and much more

Seesmic Web can become from now on your new adventure to travel the Twitterverse. There are no limits for Seesmic web users to access their Twitter account and enjoy the full pleasure of these exciting new features.
We have relaunched Seesmic Web with these great features. These include: Contacts Manager, Conversation Threads and ReTweets, Twitter lists, GeoLocation and TweetMeme. 

Contacts Manager 

The most impressive and useful feature of Seesmic Web is the addition of Contacts. Using this top button, you will see all the users you are following. By clicking on a user name, you will find all the data introduced – number of followers and tweets, favorite tweets and the number of lists the user follows. 


Conversational Threads and ReTweets

Conversational Thread is one of the most alluring new features of the application. If you want to see the tweet exchange between you and other users, by clicking on <in reply to> you can see the set of replies. In ReTweets column, you verify the ReTweets you created, RTs by others and which of them were considered valuable and ReTweeted by your followers.  You can now either choose between the new RT and the old style ReTweet, now found in the Quote feature.



GeoLocation is one feature of high interest in Seesmic Web. Once you have enabled it in your Twitter Settings account and use Google Gears, your followers will be able to see the location the tweet was sent from. 

Twitter Lists – Edit with Drag and Drop

When you are in Seesmic web and want to add more members to your lists, you can now edit or even delete your Twitter lists. When discovering new users, you can just drag and drop them into the specified list and this addition will be automatically saved. If you want to create a new one, simply click on New List. On the contrary, if you feel that a list has to be deleted, this can now easily take place in Seesmic Web.


Clicking on the first part of a link, which is specifically individualized with a plus sign, you will enable the new TweetMeme option. The opened window announces the name of the site the link will take you to, the number of times it was ReTweeted and the starting part of the article. 


Other features include:

  • improved and highly attractive user interface
  • redesigned contact previews
  • redesigned contact details
  • seeing in Contacts your relations with users – if you follow your followers,
  • direct link to the Feedback site of Seesmic Web where you can send us your thoughts on improving Seesmic Web
  • scrolling Contacts
  • seeing columns in multi-lines or single-lines.

With these new options, Seesmic Web gives not only the ability to increase your Twitter visibility, but it also redefines our platform's usability. We hope Seesmic Web will assure you the pleasure and functionality of full Seesmic Twitter experience from everywhere and anyplace.

Help promote Seesmic Web

Indeed, we value the powerful
impact of recommendations. Help promote Seesmic Web by opting for the Tell a Friend feature. It enables you
to tweet the reason you find the app useful and efficient. This is why your
constant feedback has always been a useful element in our updates.

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Building and Growing our Products Through our Team Seesmic Community

With over a half a dozen Seesmic Products (Seesmic Desktop, Seesmic Web, Seesmic for Windows, Seesmic for Android, Seesmic for BlackBerry,, Seesmic Look), one of the key components in helping us shape our applications is our community of users.

At Seesmic, we've always been fortunate to have a community of supporters who not only use our products, but provide honest and helpful feedback. While we use various and known channels to connect with our users such as our feedback forum, our help site, Twitter, Facebook, we find great value in our Team Seesmic community.



What is Team Seesmic? Currently, there are two channels of Team Seesmic. One is our periodic newsletter, where we give exclusive updates on the releases of our various products with some surprises sprinkled along the way. The second is our Team Seesmic site where we have dedicated users that provide valuable insight in helping us improve our products. Within Team Seesmic are also private forums for testing some of our newest beta releases such as our Seesmic BlackBerry testers. We've also have had certain case-testing sessions to help us track down and diagnose and problem-solve some of our issues to help our developers troubleshoot issues. Just as important, Team Seesmic also gives and opportunity for some of our developers to be engaged withour users.

How do you join Team Seesmic? For our newsletter, you simply need to sign up on our website at – this allows you to get our latest updates. To join our Team Seesmic community site, you'll need to fill out a very brief form. You can view and browse throughout the site, but in order to engage or join a forum, you'll simply need to sign up.

Looking ahead, we'll look forward to listening and learning from you, and at the same time, we're excited and looking forward to some of the announcements and surprises we'll share with you.

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Seesmic to be featured at Google I/O

Seesmic has been selected to take part in Google I/O, where we will feature our two Twitter applications using Google technology: Seesmic for Android and Seesmic Web.


We've been very fortunate at Seesmic to work with our various partners to help us create products that benefit users. Such is the case with Google, as we're very excited to join Google at their largest developer event of the year.

Google I/O will take place in San Francisco on May 19 – 20, 2010

At the conference, we will be featured as part of the Developer Sandbox, a demo area where we will be featured on our products using Google technology. This includes on our recent release of our Seesmic for Android – a successful client application for Twitter, as well as our Seesmic Web application for Twitter.

You can find out more about the Developer Sandbox here:

Last week, our product manager for mobile and web, Mathieu Thouvenin – who works closely with Google and our Seesmic for Android team on building and releasing exciting new features – recent took part in a panel at the Social Program for Online Media, Marketing & Advertising (OMMA) which focused on social media in marketing and where Twitter's platform is heading.


Seesmic CTO, Johann Romefort, heads the Seesmic Web which uses Google Web Toolkit (GWT). He led a session recently at LeWeb with Google's Jean-Francois Wassong and Didier Girard on the successful implementation of using Google technology and talks about his experience here.

We're very happy to be part of an exciting conference, and look forward to showing other developers on how we've utilized Google's technology in our two of our products.

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Live Tweeting from Space Using Seesmic Look

Over the weekend, NASA astronaut T.J. Creamer made social-media news when he became the first person to send a Twitter message from space and started actively engaging users using Seesmic Look. 


Creamer, under his Twitter username, @Astro_TJ, is on board with other crew-members at the International Space Station. What's impressive is how much he's engaged with the users, replying to nearly all of the questions – some in real time! You'll also find some of the answers informative/educational. Can't wait to see this being used to answer a classroom.


It's exciting for the all of us here at Seesmic  to know that Seesmic Look is being used out in the International Space Station. Good luck to TJ and to the rest of the crew-members on their mission!

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Introducing Seesmic Look

Seesmic Look is a unique way to learn, observe or be immersed in the
real-time web. A Windows desktop app bringing
together Twitter data with a beautiful design, approachability and ease
of use, Look delivers a rich, cinematic experience.

At Seesmic, we work very hard to reach our vision to help users manage their presence online, and we try our best to make Seesmic available on every screen and touch every social network.

Now, we felt it was time to challenge ourselves and make something truly special.

We took an unusual route and shifted paradigms to develop something no one has done before. We were challenged to reach out to an untapped market – a mainstream audience not familiar with Twitter – people in your personal circle like friends or family members (think “Mom” or “Dad”), that heard of Twitter but were never interested, or never had the opportunity to have a positive and friendly experience.

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