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Filter the Noise and Generate Leads with the InboxQ Plugin for Seesmic

There is no better way to engage with potential customers than by answering their questions, no doubt about it. Businesses on Twitter live and die by the quality and number of interactions they have with current and potential clients.

That’s where InboxQ comes into play – they make it easy to find people who have questions about your business, products or industry.


That’s why we’re pumped to announce the new Inbox plugin for Seesmic Desktop, which is now live in the plugin marketplace.

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Webinar With Zendesk: Loving Your Help Desk ( & Customer Service) Just Got Easier

Zendesk‘s slogan says it best: love your help desk. Join us Wednesday for a webinar to learn how using Seesmic’s Zendesk Plugin makes loving your help desk and enjoying customer service a lot easier.

When Wednesday at 10am PDT

Telephone Switchboard Operators - a vintage ci...Image by IronRodArt – Royce Bair via Flickr

What In an hour, you will learn how to:

  • Manage all of your customer support inquiries in one application
  • Turn tweets into actionable items and create tickets (“twickets”) on the fly
  • Collaborate internally with the Zendesk Plugin

Please register to save your spot and feel free to invite others to join us:

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Manage Your Open Sourced Social Network with the New Elgg Plugin

If you're a business, university or anything in between, it's likely that you realize just how important social networks are to your organization. In fact, some of these organizations have intelligently taken their social netorking a bit further, by creating a social network of their own on Elgg.


Elgg is an award-winning social networking engine, delivering the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications.

Now, with the new Elgg plugin for Seesmic Desktop, you can:

- Add multiple Elgg networks 

- Update your status (on the Wire) from Seesmic Desktop

- Displays activity items in the stream, like groups, friends, status messages, comments, etc.

A preview of the plugin in action below:

With this plugin, and the over 70 plugins that now reside in our Seesmic Desktop plugin marketplace, we're getting closer and closer to becoming your dashboard for everything social.

Till' next time!

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Ning Plugin Update: Now with Commenting, Pictures In-Stream and More

The awesome team over at Ning just made a big update to their plugin. The Ning plugin has become one of our most downloaded integrations for Seesmic Desktop, and for good reason.


If you don't know Ning, you should. Ning is the world’s largest platform to create powerful, custom social websites.

Top organizers, marketers, influencers, and activists use Ning to create a social destination where content intersects with conversations to inspire action. Every social website comes with out-of-the-box social integration, community features, point-and-click design tools, and turnkey monetization solutions that are easy to use.

The powerful Ning plugin for Seesmic desktop allows any Seesmic user to harness that power, directly from their desktop application. 

With the new update, you can seamlessly view three new timeline attachments:


          * Contains the photo, the image title, and the description
          * Attached to "New Photo" activity items and comments on photos
Blog Posts
          * Contains the post's title and full content
          * Attached to "New Blog Post" activity items and comments on blog posts
          * View existing comments on activity items
          * Add new comments directly from timeline items


If you already have the Ning plugin installed on your Seesmic Desktop app, you'll receive an update the next time you open the app with the new plugin update. If not, head over to the plugin marketplace and get the latest version of the Ning plugin today!

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Stay on Top of Trends with the Viralheat Plugin for Seesmic Desktop

Some of the top brands in the world use Viralheat, and for good reason. From MTV, to Microsoft, to Disney, they're all using Viralheat's powerful service to stay on top of social trends.


Now, Viralheat is seamlessly tied into your Seesmic Desktop app. Want to see what we're talking about? You got it. Below, is an example of Viralheat's social trends service in action:


Viralheat is the first measurement platform that's social. Their subscribers share an amazing collection of profiles and charts ranging from your favorite brands, products, or topics so you can glean important insights in real-time.

With the plugin, you can:

  • See the most recent profiles on Viralheat Social Trends
  • See the Top Trending profiles in Social Trends
  • Search from thousands of public profiles on Social Trends and get access to analytics and stats

Seesmic ViralheatOh, and did we mention that the plugin is completely free to use, along with all the other plugins in the Seesmic Marketplace? 

Well, now you know. So, go get the new (and hot) Viralheat plugin, it's yours for the taking.

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