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Welcome Aboard, Michelle!

Welcome Aboard

Please join us in welcoming Michelle Chmielewski to the team. As Seesmic’s Marketing Manager for Europe, Michelle will be based in Paris. Prior to joining Seesmic, Michelle was the Community Manager at Synthesio. Michelle is a self-professed American girl in Paris. Being bilingual is a huge plus at a global company like Seesmic, and recently Michelle’s language skills have garnered a lot of attention.

If Michelle Chmielewski’s name rings a bell, perhaps you are one of the 600,ooo+ viewers who saw Michelle’s YouTube video Learn French In One Word?

We would never suggest that French can be mastered in one word, and, err, we probably should not spoil the surprise by revealing “the word”.  Nevertheless, Michelle makes a pretty compelling argument. Welcome aboard, Michelle.

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Seesmic’s Social Media Management Day Debuts In France

It is hard to top Cloudforce Paris, but Cedric Giorgi, Seesmic’s European Director, gave it a shot, and we are all impressed with the results. Over 300 people attended our first Social Media Management Day (SMMD) last week in France.


It was an opportunity to hear leaders from nearly every industry discuss their social media strategies first-hand.
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Fifteen speakers represented ten multinational companies and just about every industry, including Facebook, Salesforce, Air France, France Televisions, Orange, Orangina-Schweppes, Domino’s Pizza, La Poste and Canon France.

The chance to hear leaders of global brands explain their social media strategies is valuable anywhere, but it does not happen often enough in France. At Seesmic, we hope to make it happen more often.

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Cloudforce Paris 2011: Mobile, Social and Seesmic

Our CEO, Loic Le Meur, returned from Cloudforce Paris late in the afternoon without a trace of jetlag and ready to get to work. What happened in Paris?


According to the photosvideos and articles about Cloudforce, the event was a success with nearly two thousand attendees, 19 breakout sessions and major press and analyst coverage. John Taschek, Saleforce’s VP of Strategy, explained the mood at Cloudforce Paris:

A new and mobile revolution has become more visceral…a preferred way of interacting with enterprise technology..the old model is bleeding and the new mobile and social memes are not the cutting edge or bleeding edge but the mainstream. EMEA
Widespread acceptance of mobile and social. Not just by San Francsico’s early adopters, but by the mainstream globally. This is confirmation that Seesmic’s focus and timing is spot on. Taschek points to Android’s recent growth, which we are seeing firsthand, this choice is driving the mobile and social revolution. Seesmic stands out in a crowded space by offering choices and developing applications that integrate dozens of networks (internal and external) on multiple operating systems. Seesmic builds native mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Why? because our users are not uniform, nor are their needs, preferences, operating systems or devices.

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Bonjour, Social Media Management Day


This week we announced Social Media Management Day in France on April 6th. We reached out to our friends at Microsoft, Air France, Salesforce, Domino's PizzaBen & Jerry's and more to provide hands-on expertise on how executives at big brands manage social media.

We tweeted the invitation and, within 24 hours, over 200 people registered to join us. Today registration is over 300 people. 

There is overwhelming demand for real knowledge on how industry leaders manage social media. There are many tools out there to manage social media, yes, Seesmic included, but the individuals who know how to select and use tools to manage social media, who do it successfully and know how to meet a diverse set of business objectives in a multitude of industries, these individuals are a rare commodity.

This event is further proof that we can and should provide more opportunities to hear from individuals who offer insight into what they do and how they do it. Stay tuned for more case studies, interviews and events offering real world business insight. Let us know what you think and how we are doing. Pssst…The invitation is still live, so please RSVP and confirm if you will be joining us. 

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