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Seesmic Ping Update – Post to WordPress

We’re excited to share another update to Seesmic Ping – the addition of WordPress as a posting service. A feature that’s available to Seesmic users under the Plus and Pro plan, users can now add WordPress and post updates to your WordPress blog(s) along with Twitter, Facebook (and Facebook Pages), LinkedIn and Tumblr (including sub-blogs).


To add your WordPress blog(s), simply go to the Accounts tab, and under your list of accounts, click on the WordPress button under “Add Accounts.” SeesmicPingAccountAddWordPress

You’ll be brought to a login screen to fill out your blog url, username and password. Once complete, you will see your WordPress blog as a selection to post to!

WordPress Comments also in Feedback Response Metrics
Along with posting to WordPress, you can also view how many comments you receive in our newest analytics feature: Feedback Response Metrics, which we recently released in beta a couple of weeks ago.  Under the History tab, for each message you post, you get a analytic summary of responses from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr and now WordPress. The number in comments section will also link back to the original post (we’ll look to integrate viewing actual comments in an upcoming release).


We’re pretty excited about the latest release and even more excited about the next features coming up soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to bring them up to our help site at

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Viralheat Plugin update: now with sentiment analysis

Back in April, Viralheat launched a plugin for Seesmic Desktop. Since then you have been able to combine the power of Viralheat’s expertise in social media analysis and monitoring with your favorite social media management tool. This plugin allows you to access social trends, as well as analytics and statistics.

Now Viralheat is back with a shiny new version of its plugin which includes sentiment analysis. Viralheat’s sentiment analysis software uses the most advanced technology to analyze the mood of all mentions in your Twitter stream and searches.

In this update, you will be able to see sentiment in your Twitter timelines as well as when searching Twitter on Seesmic Desktop.

You can also manually edit the sentiment.

Viralheat edit Sentiment Analysis manually

To unlock the wonders of the new Viralheat plugin, visit the Marketplace or update your plugin directly from Seesmic Desktop.

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Seesmic For Android 1.7: Go Faster With Shortcuts & More

When you are on your Android, you want to go fast, be more efficient and manage information overload without leaving your home screen or navigating menus. Save time with Seesmic for Android 1.7, featuring shortcuts and more of what you asked for. The new release is live, and here is what you can expect to find.

  • Shortcuts: Add shortcuts for anything within Seesmic directly to your home screen. Access accounts, the composer, searches, lists, Facebook pages, Chatter groups in one tap. We made this video to walk you through how to set up your shortcuts. Yes, you can tell from my voice that I am excited to share this release with our Android users.
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