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Twhirl Hits 1 million Downloads Since Joining Seesmic


1 million downloads of Twhirl since its creator, Marco Kaiser joined Seesmic on April 20th last year. I always thought Twhirl would be very successful and it is more and more important for us, the latest version 0.9 had more 150,000 downloads in about 3 weeks. That tells me we have about 150,000 active users of Twhirl, and growing.

In less than a year, Twhirl evolved from a Twitter client into a social software desktop supporting several accounts and services such as Friendfeed, Identi.ca and Seesmic videos. Its success shows how important it becomes for all of us to keep in constant touch with our communities in real-time. Many corporations use Twhirl daily to track their brands with our Twitter saved searches and get into conversations with their customers.

You will see us focusing even more on Twhirl in the coming weeks as we will launch an entirely new version that will enable us to innovate even faster. There is a team behind Twhirl now, expect lots of news ahead!

Posted by Loic Le Meur in Seesmic