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Updates in Seesmic for BlackBerry – Minor Improvements and Fixes

We've just released a new update for Seesmic for BlackBerry app. This version contains a number of improvements and fixes to the small issues from our community. We have addressed:

  • Permissions Loop
  • Fixes for Notifications for Replies and DMs
  • Ensure Search Timelines are updating with Geolocation tweets 
  • Ensure Updates are shown in your Profile Information. 

The update is available if you access http://m.seesmic.com from your mobile's browser and download the app suitable for your device. 

In order to make your Twitter experience easier, we have also focused on: 

  • Logging into Ping.fm account 
  • Adding Twitter account with e-mail address 
  • Allowing Location Data to be set to allow or deny in Settings 
  • Allowing foreign charecters to be shown in Ping.fm account 
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  • http://profile.typepad.com/zoolcar9 Zoolcar9

    Thanks for fixing geolocation on timeline issue