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Using Seesmic for Android to Add Other Web Applications like Tumblr, Identi.ca, & WordPress

UPDATE 3/3/11: Unfortunately, it looks as though tumblr does not support this service any longer and you can no longer connect to your tumblr account from within Seesmic for Android using the proxy support feature. You can still continue to use the proxy support feature to connect to your other social web accounts. Thanks!

Using Seesmic for Android, you can now connect to several different social web accounts such as identi.ca, Tumblr and WordPress using our recently released proxy support feature.

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Evan Prodromou from status.net wrote a post on how to connect to a status.net or identi.ca site using the proxy support in Seesmic for Android. So what does that mean? It essentially means that you can access other web applications that uses the same connections as connecting with Twitter. It's as simple as connecting with another Twitter account.

The one requirement you need is to know what the API url is for that application. Here are the following API urls we're familiar with:

  • identi.ca = https://identi.ca/api/
  • tumblr = http://<username>.tumblr.com
  • wordpress = https://twitter-api.wordpress.com

Here's an example of connecting with a microblogging service like Tumblr. Here, we use a tumblr account to add into Seesmic for Android.

  • Go to the Menu
  • Select "Accounts"
  • In the list of Accounts, Go to the Menu
  • Select "Add Accounts"
  • For the Username, enter the login
  • (for Tumblr, it's the email address) (See screenshot below)
  • Enter your Password
  • THEN – Click on the Advanced button
  • From there, you can add your Tumblr url – http://<username>.tumblr.com
  • if the api allows for secure connection, check the secure connection box (as the api url should have an httpS).
  • you can leave the second box blank)
  • Sign In


And there you have it. I can access my Tumblr account, see the stream of Tumblr blogs I follow. I can even enter a post. This is a first step for us, and we're looking to make the integration a lot smoother. If you have other web applications with the api URL, please share them in the comments. Enjoy!

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  • http://www.reddnet.net Stephen M. Redd

    Has anyone been able to find out why tumblr stopped supporting the twitter api integration?