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Why Mobile CRM?


If you read last week’s blog post you may have noticed that we shared the logo for Seesmic CRM for Salesforce, the new product we’ll be launching at Dreamforce 2011.  You may be wondering why Mobile CRM? We’d like to share some information with you that shaped our decision and is shaping the future of business applications

Mobile CRM

You have probably noticed more of your co-workers are using smartphones and tablets at the office or while they’re traveling. In fact, you probably use a tablet or smartphone on a regular basis. Today’s workforce is no longer comprised of 9-to-5 workers who leave their work at at the office. A recent Cisco study showed that 60% of employees polled believe that they don’t need to be in the office in order to be productive. For better or for worse, personal and professional lines are increasingly blurring, and employees are demanding the ability to access corporate information from their mobile devices.

“Buyers of CRM continue to focus on investments that promote customer retention and enhance the customer experience, and they are increasingly interested in technologies that encourage development of customer communities and social networks,” said Hai Hong Swinehart, research analyst at Gartner.


A Mobile Strategy Is Necessary For Growth

Analysts evaluating enterprise trends have shown that companies need to incorporate mobile into their strategy today in order to survive — and businesses are paying attention.

According to VDC Research, the number of mobile devices bought by companies worldwide will more than double from 2010 to 2014. By 2013 (that’s only two years!), VDC expects more than one third of the world’s workforce to consist of mobile workers.

Employees Demand User-Friendly Business Apps

If you’ve ever used Flipboard on your iPad, or accessed Salesforce Chatter using Seesmic for Android on your Motorola Droid, you may be impressed by the applications’ fluidity and intuitiveness. Why, then, wouldn’t business users expect, even demand, the same great experience on enterprise applications ? They are, and these are exactly the users and businesses who have helped us build the Seesmic CRM roadmap.

At Seesmic, we believe that enterprise applications should be just as user-friendly and engaging as consumer applications.  That is why Seesmic CRM for Salesforce offers both the robust features business users demand coupled with the enticing user interface of our consumer applications.  We will continue to share more with you as we ramp up for Seesmic CRM’s unveiling at Dreamforce.


Please note, if you’d like to set up time to connect at Dreamforce, please email us: salesforce@seesmic.com.

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